Pandora (you should use this)

Pandora is wonderful. Checkout this demo video…

There are many streaming sources for your desktop but Pandora is the only one that takes a single artist or song and then automagically streams similar music to your device.

I plug in my iphone into its dock (attached to some speakers) push the Pandora button and start listening to music that seems to be pre-programed for my tastes. It is amazing and wonderful. I even tried tried it in my car on the 3G network and it worked perfectly without interruption. If you fall in love with Pandora and use it more than 40 hours per month, you will need to upgrade to Pandora One.

Shhhh (After setting up a few different channels, I may not need iTunes anymore) I mean, why do I need to manage my personal music? Is it fascination or just a control issue to keep all my CD’s converted to mp3 and stored on my external drive? Now that Pandora is available, I can just turn on my personal background music anytime I want. I do not have to be concerned about managing failures, corruption or backups. With Pandora I can just setup a few channels that play music that I do not even own.

Really you should use this, it is remarkable.

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